Odorex Dry Powder

Odorex Dry  is a natural product capable to absorb ammonia and inhabit the urase enzyme which is essential to convert urea to amonia. It reduces the adequate ammonia level, neutralize the bad odor from pond. The reduction in intestinal ammonia slows down tissue turnover in the gut and allows for better nutrient read more...

Micro Force Yield Booster

The  product is organic complex of sea weed extract, Humic acid, Fulvic acid enrichedwith naturally chelated trace minerls and Amino acid with other inherent substance. It helps  in quicker germinaiton, faster shoot growth. increase photosynthesis, protectsplantsfrom micro nutrient deficiencies.


Liquid Gold Bio Stimulant

A Naovel Product From Ohaiva Agro Liquid Gold is acombination of liquid humus. The organic material obtained from geological processes and biological activity. The Organic trace minerals, organic nitrogen and natural plant hormones. Liquid Gold improves soil structure & increase nutrient uptakes. Increases water holding read more...

Slayer Insecticide

Benefits :

  • Three- fold action on pest as Contact, stomach poison and Disrupts the life cycle of  pets. After application , the insects die within 36 hours to 48 hours.
  • Pest cannot easily develop resistanse against it due to multistate action.
  • Sale for natural predators and

Wetting and Spreading Agent

Setwet when incorporated in formulation, the spray solution covers entire leaf surface. The product facilitates uptake of active chemicals into the plant tissues. Setwet removes air from the surface & penetrate eaasily of the vehicle into pores.

Special Features :

Nutrisol-AQ Feed Supplement

Nutrisol-AQ is a perfect nutrient formulated with essential Minaerals, vitamins, Amino acids and oligo saccride. The promt absorption of nutrients improves digestion by which helps faster groth rate and weight gain. Nutrisol- AQ can resist the diseases and improve immunity in shrimn and fish (Rahu, Katla). The proper ratio read more...

Aquafresh Water Disinfectant

Aquafresh is a stablished form of iodine, a unique disinfectant for aquaculture practice.It is unique as beacuse of it has no adverse effects in environment as well as it is safe to prawn and fish culture pond. It is affective against wide range of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses.

Benefits

Bio Pro Fertilizer The offered lot is prepared using the best in class raw material that is sourced from the reliable places only. Besides, we check it for quality prior to procurement. Our payment procedures are hassle free and transparent. We take aid of reliable online and offline payment procedures for your safety as well as ours. We ensure read more...

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